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I think google are looking to get involved with games, with their forth-coming Android platform, so maybe Athlone somehow got a partnership going their.

Or maybe I’m being overly optimistic.

Either way, I think your criticisms are bang on the money. Java???

This seems to be the faculty:

And a list of the lectures in that faculty can be found here:

But there does not seem to be individual pages for each member of staff, list of publications, papers, research interests, etc.

Maybe it was just me, but when I was looking around at undergrad (and grad) courses, I thoroughly "vetted" each university (as best I could) at the time.

To give Athlone the benefit of the doubt, they are advertising the course as a BSc in Software Design (GameDev), so technically they could teach 2D flash games, / J2ME and not be break any promises.