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Aphra K

Hi Hobo,

welcome to the boards..

I think it is great you are thinking about going to the higher options show – i wish I had gone when I was in secondary school. I do not know if you have to be part of a class group but it might be worth contacting the Irish Times to find out since they are involved in running it. Also check out the courses section of our website which gives brief intros to Irish courses.

Re igame again I know nothing about it. I suspect through it is more like a trade fair of games and products they want to sell than an industry type event where you find out about the jobs etc.

I don’t know what part of Ireland you live in but some colleges and IT run summer courses in programming which might be worth trying out – I know Carlow IT does and University of Ulster did this year –

probably the most important thing right now for you is to have the right subjects going into the leaving certificate and if you want to go the programming route concentrate on your maths and getting good grades while getting to know some of the programming languages in your spare time. Also remember there are good courses in the UK too so keep an eye on UCAS closing dates as well as the CAO.

hope that helps,