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Aphra K

I am actually presenting a paper on GTA as contested cultural product here in Taiwan..part of it looks at Take 2’s business strategy with GTA games and its development since GTA: III and part of it looks at the variations between rating systems and reactions to the different games in the US, Europe and Australia. There are significant diffs between the systems and it looks, so far, like PEGI won’t change their classification of GTA:SA. I am interested in the debate over how ‘realistic’ these scenes are, the implication that they have serious ‘effects’ on children and the debate over authorship/the source of the ‘scenes’.

It is only a first draft and I decided to write it last Christmas after Prime Time did their piece on GTA: SA, how topical can a paper get.. – anyway, if people are interested I can send them a copy when I get back next week..