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I’ll have to give these and other questions gathered some serious consideration, not just in their immediate form but also in how any implications help towards the point and overall shape of the survey. Questions not used directly will never the less be useful for an outside my own view never would have occurred to me type of perspective that will no doubt provide plenty of food for thought.

The basic idea beginning to materialize so far is to try with the first question to categorize people into one of three or four main groups, never, sometimes, regular and full on veteran gamers. Dividing the questioning to an outsider, midway and insider format to get the most from each type of respondent regardless of which end of the experience spectrum they seem to fit best.

Regular gamers can be asked more specific questions regarding tweaks to existing game arrangements, while non-gamers can be asked about their overall thoughts and perceptions of that seen and heard through the media or friends and family. Thoughts that target the intermediate experience level feel vague at the moment but suggest that’s maybe an area worth concentrating on.

Hopefully this attempt is only a test run, if things go well and lessons are learned then refinements can be made for the next time. It’s perhaps a lofty enough goal but I’ll try to do my best to keep it nice and simple, as that’s what seems to work best for me (lol).