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there is a draft paper if people are interested…

Yes, very interested please. Where it at?

It just occured to me, and this may be the wrong thread entirely, but it seems plausible that the quality and longevity of retro games is due to their complexity occuring at or below the cognitive capabilities of a single individual – this means that if a really good game designer has a good idea, they can control and communicate all aspects of the game.
Nowadays, the communication scaling problem is the bane of any large software project. So when a whole new paradigm of gaming endeavour is introduced, namely player-centric adaptivity, based on entirely new skill-sets like psychology and sociology, the increase in communication difficulties will be exponential (based on a three to four node increase in a directed peer-to-peer graph).

If Im right, and new tech paradigm’s are continuously entering industry from research, then how can DIGRA orchestrate the uptake of their work so that a) it is taken up and not ignored, and b) this does not become a production nightmare for the dev studio?
Or maybe its a job for IGDA?