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    Now fair enough I know cable based internet servies suffer from bottlenecks but at these speeds and with our population density…well…GIMME GIMME GIMME! :D


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    The Clicky! my good man, the Clicky!.

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    Gotcha now. In fairness though, we’ll be exploring nearby galaxies before Eircom cop on to it.


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    Err I don’t know about that, new lines are being put down in Drogheda, rumour has it that it’ll be a 100Mbps test bed area…though this is coming from my boss so I’ll take that bit of gossip with a large pinch of salt. Only time will tell though, the buggers been right in the past.

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    new lines in Drogheda .. test area

    you’re messing right :lol:

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    As well as this eircom bashing, what about the bunch of jokers that call themselves ironically enough “Smart”. They were supposed to roll out broadband in may and we’re still waiting..

    The government or com reg should fine the bastards until they get their act together. (glorified call card sales ppl).

    2cent rant over

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    Smart’s (and indeed most of Esat/BT’s) problems are actually being caused by Eircom dragging their heels over certain matters…I refer you to my previous rant! :D

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    new lines in Drogheda .. test area

    you’re messing right :lol:[/quote:f06197505a]

    Nope this is only coming from my boss(how he came to this I dont know). I know they are putting down new lines throughout the town, I’m sceptical about them being any more then eircom getting the lines up to standard though :lol:

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    i just spoke to someone about this too .. pint in a pub and all that..

    he said yes it’s true..

    will have to see if they’ll be covering the whole district ..

    cool :D

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