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      1) GTA: San Andreas
      2) Fifa 2005
      3) Need for Speed: Underground 2
      4) Simpsons: Hit and Run
      5) Pro-Evolution Soccer 4
      6) Sonic Heroes
      7) Spider-Man 2
      8) Need for Speed: Underground
      9) Halo 2
      10) Driv3r
      11) The Incredibles
      12) Sims 2
      13) Burnout 3: Takedown
      14) Fifa 2004
      15) Call of Duty: Finest Hour
      16) Harry Potter – The Prisoner of Azkaban
      17) The Sims – Bustin’ Out
      18) Shrek 2
      19) Splinter Cell: Pandora
      20) LOTR – Return of the King

      well that s the best selling games of the the year. HL is not in it but Valve’s “novel distribution system ” means that there were more sales than recorded byChart-Track.

      fifa is still a very power full licence, but it nice to see pro evo (a better game) do well. ea has 9 games in the top 20

      10) Driv3r, how can such a bad game do so well?

      6) Sonic Heroes, i noticed that this game was near always in the top 20 all year round, but its a suprise that overall did so well

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      10) Driv3r, how can such a bad game do so well?[/quote:74f254de01]

      Because Johnny-knows-nothing thought the original PS version was good, thats why. Oh well, thank God for GTA eh.

      As for Sonic Heroes, well good for Yuji Naka and Sonic Team, they deserve some success!

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