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      The government announced today it’s plans for lots more high tech jobs for Ireland including Games and Media.


      3. International Content Services Centre (ICSC)
      The third action is to establish Ireland as an International Content Services Centre (ICSC). What this means is that content creation such as digital media, animation, films, games and so on are a focus as other related areas including legal services for the digital space.[/quote:9451170074]

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      Aphra K

      is this a rebranding of the Digital Hub?


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      Will believe it when I see it. Don’t see a lot of 360 or PS3 games coming out of Ireland any time soon. Realistically how big is the talent pool to draw from? I can see the actual really creative jobs out of the 25,000 being a very small % of it.

      I am sort of looking forward to going to main land UK to work anyway or America one day I hope.

      This is not targeted at the games industry here as the example I am thinking of has nothing to do with games but you can more or less say you are doing something in the digital, media space or creative production whatever and get a lot of hype for something that would be a total joke anywhere else, from my experience.

      True it has to start some where but we will see.

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      Article sounds good, we will see I suppose if they deliver on any of it. I have a question tho, how good is this exempler broadband network compares to the broadband in the UK or the US?

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      In my humble opinion, putting PS3’s (and all the rest) into as many Unis/ITs as possible and providing training and support would get the ball rolling. And as Kookimonster posted this week, the PS3 kits are down to about 2k sterling or so.

      I’ve made this point a few times (on this forum and elsewhere) and I usually get rebutted with "CELL will blow a 1st year CompSci student’s mind…forever" which is a fair point, but surely, with plenty of sample code, tutorials, and support forums a 3rd or 4th year would make a reasonable attempt? Maybe? or am I just way out of touch???

      In either case, I’m sure all it would take is small pockets of motivated students with some art & design counterparts to put together something slick for XBLA, WiiWare or the like.

      Its a given that its not as simple as locking a couple of final year students away in a room for a few weeks, they will need support, mentoring and an experienced producer (or two) and I guess that is where Ireland 2.0 will need to outsource and import some seasoned vets from the UK. Not saying those people dont already exist in Ireland, as they do. Its just they tend to be way to busy with their own projects and careers to offer the above mentioned business mentoring.

      Anyway. That’s just my 2 cents. Perhaps its an idea to start "naming names" as to who would be great to import for workshops and business mentoring and perhaps submit it to the relevant people. I know guys like Ernest Adams are involved with UU Magee, so its not too hard to imagine taking this one step further and building a portfolio of project managers, tech leads, art leads, etc.

      Just a thought.

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