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      I`m interested in hiring (purely freelance based working from home / college) a 3D modeller capable of designing and building the following types of models :

      * Human models – mixed sex, mixed size, etc. – about 12 bones per model. Animations include walk, run, duck, stand, weapon holding, etc.
      * Vehicle models – cars, trucks, fire engines, etc. – about 8 cars, 3 trucks and service vehicles (fire engines, ambulances, etc.) Models must have seperate doors, bonnet and boot
      * Animal models – few dogs, cats, etc..

      All models must be :

      * low-polygon (polycount to be finalised)
      * X-Format (as in DirectX file format)
      * Your own textured
      * Contain no copyrighted work (i.e. cars designed from scratch)

      All modelling will be done in stages (about 3 to be exact), with the first stage requiring only one human model and vehicle model.

      We are a start-up company so don`t expect the best rates in the world but if you are interested in working on this project then please drop me an e-mail to jhunter_@at@_aptx.com (remove everything between _’s (include them) – just so stop spam :) )

      Deep Voodoo Gaming

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      Aphra K


      do you want me to put this up under jobs as well??


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      Yes, sorry I didn`t explore the site a bit more to see that section :)

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