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      In order to fulfill our goal of representing the entire island, we had long ago decided that we would need to do at least 2 or 3 events a year outside of Dublin, where practical. This week we were contacted by an organisation in Derry with funding to organise and run an event in June/July in Derry.

      It’s a bit of a squeeze to get something going on the scale we’re thinking of in such a short time scale, but we’re on the case!

      Details are necessarily vague just now, but this is what we do know:

      The event will take place in Derry on last weekend of June or very early July. This event is being funded by the Derry City Council and will be one day and evening event.

      We’ve got a decent budget for it, and are looking to bring over 4 – 5 of the top names in the industry from the UK and US. We’re probably going to publicise it heavily in the UK (although time is tight) as well as both north and south of the border here, and if feasible we’ll even put on a coach or two from Dublin for the day.

      I’ll keep you posted on who’s coming over, etc. but you can take my word for it – the shortlist of potential speakers/presenters is VERY impressive…

      Obviously, given who’s funding it, the emphasis will be on the north as an attractive location for developers, etc. but we’re hoping to develop the event as an annual showcase-type event for local developers, etc.

      The format of the event looks like it’ll be 4 – 5 talks/presentations, with a round-table discussion at the end and a possible social event in the evening.

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      Sounds fantastic, and is finally a date that agrees with my other plans. ;) This seems like something to really look forward to so good luck with organising it and hopefully we’ll all have a day to remember.

      Be sure to keep us informed as you make work everything out. :)

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      Aphra K

      the date for the 3rd IGDA event is looking like the 25th of June…keep that date free if you can..

      more details to follow..


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      the event in Derry, which I can now confirm is to be called “Awakenings ’04”, has been put back until Fri 15th October.

      More info: http://www.gamedevelopers.ie/community/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=451

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