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      Hello, my name is michael mcnabola. I live in Dublin and I will be going into 4th year in September and i’m going to be needing work experience between the 18th – 22nd of October 2010 and a 2nd week between 1st – 5th of November 2010.

      I am interested learning a mix from, video editing, 2D and 3D animations to software, game and web designs, and programming. I would love to learn basics in most of thous and lean a little bit in detail. I know that 5 days wouldn’t be nearly enough time to lean all thous but I would love it if anyone who would be willing to take me on for and internship any sort of learning experience for longer then the 5 days and/or out side my work experience such as after school or over a holiday and midterm, any time just so that i can learn all I can. (I want to learn basics for my school doesn’t have any computer courses in any other year other then 4th so once i go into 5th year then i wouldn’t be able to do any more computers in school so i’m looking for any one person or courses that i can do)

      I do not have any experience in designing or programming, but i do have a fare amount of experience with video editing.

      so if anyone can take me on for my work experience or help me to were I might be able to get an internship I would love any help that is given.

      you can message me at:


      or my skype mcnabola.1

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