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      Hi All,

      I was hoping I could get some advice about building a video game for my 4th Final Year Project.

      I have decided to build a video game for the Mac mainly because I’m working for an app development company so I have gotten a lot of experience working with Objective-c and XCode but what I want to know is what are the questions I should be asking myself when researching video game development?

      i.e what engine should I use?, how do I craft a story? what are the potential pitfalls of video game development, would building a 3D video game be too bold for a 4th year FYP etc?
      I have been tinkering with such programs as Google SketchUp, Unity physics engine and Cocos-2d to see what kind of things I could come up with.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks a lot!

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      what engine should I use? [/quote:ad46aeb6af]

      Which ever one you know best right now and are most productive in.

      how do I craft a story? [/quote:ad46aeb6af]

      Don’t. Focus on game play, mechanics, polish, play testing and fun.

      what are the potential pitfalls of video game development[/quote:ad46aeb6af]


      would building a 3D video game be too bold for a 4th year FYP etc?[/quote:ad46aeb6af]

      If you use Unity or Unreal a 3D game should be no harder than a 2d one

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      We’d be happy to work with you if your interested in giving GameCarver a go as we are in beta anyway for the IDE but it would be good to get someone testing the low-level SDK too.

      You can work using the IDE or if you’re more technically minded you can use the actual SDK using either C++ or .Net.
      PM me if you’re interested.

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      Just sent you an PM there :D

Viewing 3 reply threads
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