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      As part of my 4th Year in Software Development(DKIT), I’ll be producing some sort of project. Because I’ve had mod experience in the past I’m intending to do a game, well more like a tech demo for one. I’ve got a fair amount of experience with Java and have recently begun to program in C++, meaning I’ve been able to start the groundwork for a Direct X 9 engine. When I’m finished I hope to be able to use the program as a sort of portfolio piece.

      I was hoping some one could give me ideas as to what areas to focus on. I originally intended to have a rather basic engine with some AI and physics. Should I look more into using the Direct X API or, show that I have a basic grasp on all areas of the engine? I’ve heard of people getting jobs with Epic and the likes thanks to the bots they’ve written for Quake II. I have an art background and I’m capable of modeling, texturing and animating characters so should I use these skills and concentrate on the visual aspect of things.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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      I’d advise you on getting some solid physics in there for a start. Every interview I’ve gone for I’ve been asked maths.
      After that, its really up to your own interests. You might be better off focusing on a certain aspect, whether it be ai, graphics, racing physics..depending on your interests. A general all round demo may be more/or less useful, dependent on the job you’d be looking to getting….
      Why not delve into the DirectX 9 API, it’ll be another language to put on your CV!

      The thing about sending a portfolio to potential employers also is that you have to be sure that your work is good. If you sent 3 pieces of work, intending to show your progression, I did A, then B and then C, look how I’ve improved!, think again. What if they only look at A. I only send my best work out companies.

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      Hi, Good luck with The project, A game Engine can be pretty big for a final year project, I would believe the first thing you can do is think of what Kind of engine you want to make: Landscape or Indoors?
      Once this basic distinction has been made research on what’s available out there, and focus on what you are going to do that’s not available…
      A big one is how you are going to get vertex data to go in the Engine, there are a few modelling tools out there that export in all sorts of formats, so you could integrate something like that.

      Direct X is good for Windows, New versions of OpenGL are good for cross platform, and you only deal with the equivalent of DirectXGraphics, or DirectDraw Direct3D as they were known.

      If you want to do Phisics OR Ai, I would suggest U get yourself an already existing engine and focus on ONE of the two.
      http://www.gameai.com might be a good start or http://www.naturalmotion.com for a scary one!

      Good luck on it all,

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      The reason I want to go a new engine route, is that I enjoy doing CG Art and I’ve had some experience programming in both Direct X and OpenGL. So even if it were a complete flop I’d have enough to finish the project or at least write a few hundred pages. While I do intend to use it in helping to get a job its primary purpose is the project.

      The original idea was just an indoor engine, constructing the engine so it can read the bsp data from a Quake II or Unreal map, and expanding on it from there. And then introducing simple AI and some real basic Physics. I am starting it a year ahead so I have room to experiment, not much but some :D

      However if I do go either the AI or physics route what engine would you suggest, Quake 2?

      Thanks for the help guys.

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      If I were You I’ld give a look to http://www.qubesoft.com

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