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      Hi folks,

      Billy "Mullet" Mitchell ( if you’re thinking East Enders, you haven’t seen King of Kong ) and Steve Weibe are having a rematch at E3 – I’m sure it’ll be televised, should be fun for fans of the movie.


      If you haven’t seen the movie, and you’re into games, check it out…
      http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0923752/ ( 8.something out of 10 )

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      oh yes

      bring it
      I will wreck the shop

      edit: do i get disqualified if i use a double donkey kong rom ;)

      EDITEDIT: If you liked King Of Kong, watch Chasing Ghosts. It never got released anywhere and used to be VERY hard to find but torrents of it popped up recently. It’s an amazing accompaniment to King Of Kong.

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      ………the pandora’s are not even finished, people are still waiting on the first batch :D

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      Yep, but I’m sure the Pandora will be out by the time we actually get around to this competition :)

      I checked out the Chasing Ghosts movie ( note – there are 2, one is to do with retro games, the other is a movie with they guy from Reservior Dogs ) – it was pretty cool – not as good as King of Kong, but a good complement to watch afterwards.

      I also did a bit of a search after watching the movie, and found a book that was written by the Donkey Kong guy who gave a false score…


      It might give a few good tips for anyone looking to enter the competition.

      I drew a line however at searching for Mr Awesomes comic book thing.


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