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      I’ve been looking through the game job ads every friday for the last few couple of months so I can keep up to speed on what companies are looking for.

      While there are a few more jobs looking for C# programmers now, the vast majority are C++.

      I’ve been working my way through as many C++ tutorials as I can get my hands on for a while now, and it has been quite a slog at times (quelle suprise! :lol:)

      I found this site C++ Interview Questions to test out just how much I have taken in through my own work.

      I was wondering if anyone would have a list of programming questions that might be asked in a technical interview (regardless of the programming position) for a games company?



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      Q1. How many published games have you worked on. :wink:

      Surly answers aside your question is very interesting so I too would like to hear the responses. Anyone get any weird questions in an interview?

      Some interviews may be practical (Solve a high level problem in code) rather than programming keyword explanation – which btw I don’t think is that great an interview style as articulating something you through experience innately just know how to use can be difficult – showing you can code on the fly is a way better assessment, though can be daunting for the applicant.

      Here is a quick practical example I found.

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      Ours is analyse a program in C\C++ (brief description of what code should do), understand how it working now in it broken state, fix some logical bugs and fix some syntax bugs.

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      A lot of those questions look spot on to be honest. Knowing things like inheritance and polymorphism are vital as well as many of the other things on first few pages of questions. Expect some code questions too…why doesn’t this code compile, and maybe writting a few short functions.
      You should also expect some 3d maths questions also…stuff like getting the distance between a point and a plane, that kind of thing, what’s a dot product, when would you use it, things like that. Depending on the company, you might get a few physics type questions too, so knowing the 3 main physics Velocity formula is a good start (v=u+at plus the other 2).
      Some places will ask you questions on EVERYTHING, which is quiet daunting, graphics, networking, ai, audio…but i guess thats just to find your strengths.

      Don’t fret it, make sure you know the basics. Take your time and be concise in your answers. MAKE SURE YOU SHOW YOU CAN PROGRAM. Knowing theory is great, but you neeed to show you can code.

      I’m afraid I can’t show you our tech test, sorry.

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      In the interview for my last job (not in games) they pulled a few questions from GOTW:


      This is IMHO essential reading for any C++ programmer.

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      Found same question on gamedev.net
      A bit of bickering and should be consolidated into a list of questions but could be useful.

      If doing a practical interview even for simple algorithms don’t forget to comment code for bonus points.

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      Q1. How many published games have you worked on. Wink [/quote:378bbf31e9]

      Zilch which is why I’m looking for help.

      Thanks for all the replies.

      The more information the better, thankfully I can answer most of those questions on the Interview questions site so I guess I’m not doing too badly.


      Thanks for that link, it looks very useful.


      Cheers, I was going to do a search on gamedev but the fecking site won’t load at all for me, just the banner shows up.

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      Aphra K

      It would be interesting to hear how the Demonware programming bootcamp recruits got on – weren’t they focussing on C++?


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      polymorphism [/quote:d1910af826]

      Easy peasy.

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      Morph: 1977 – 2005. RIP.
      Morphs cream cousin Chaz can tell you about inheritance.

      Yes I know, a new low on the pun scale.

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