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      From the Google Tech Talks video series:


      I will present recent work for acquiring, rendering, and displaying photoreal models of people, objects, and dynamic performances. I will overview image-based lighting techniques for photorealistic compositing and reflectance acquisition techniques which have been used to create realistic digital actors in films such as "Spider Man 2" and "Superman Returns".

      I will then describe initial work with our lab’s Light Stage 6 system to combine image-based relighting with free-viewpoint video to capture and render full-body performances. I will also describe a new 3D face scanning process that captures high-resolution skin detail by estimating surface orientation from the skin’s reflection of polarized spherical gradient illumination. I will conclude by describing a new 3D display that leverages 5,000 frames per second video projection to show autostereoscopic, interactive 3D imagery to any number of viewers simultaneously.

      New Techniques for Acquiring, Rendering, and Displaying Human Performances

      It’s long enough, ~50 minutes.

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      That was really good. Thanks.

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