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      I am a little unsure where i should post this (move if necessary) thread but i am looking to attract some indie game developers and/or bigger industry types to a seminar at my college where i am currently teaching on two games courses (Blender/Unity). The idea is to host an afternoon of talks for school leavers, young people etc. who are hoping to enter into the world of game development so that they can get an insight into the Irish gaming industry in terms of employment, technological developments, the future, opportunities, the life of a full time developer, academic routes etc.. etc.. or topics that you feel would suit. A workshop or two would be most welcome also.

      I’m not sure how people will respond to this but if anyone might be interested, knows someone who might be or can advise me otherwise please reply or PM me. Do it for the kids!! We are based in Bray and i hope to hold the event on a sunny Saturday in April. There may be some rewards (financial???) offered depending on popularity but this can be bashed out at a later date and i can’t make any promises.

      Thank you

      P.S. a like will help to>> http://www.facebook.com/pages/BIFE-Games-Seminar/144926859001611


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