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    Right well our third year project FINALLY got approved this morning…So watch out for some Torque-powered, Wild West themed, first person shooting action coming to small screen near you soon in oh…lets say…6 months? :D

    Oh and while I’m on the subject of the project, I started using Max the other day… *dies*

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    Cool beans, glad you guys got the go ahead. As I told you before we did an online shop…..I felt so dirty getting high marks for it :lol: Keep us posted with every little detail

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    Wow…i 3d game for a 3rd person project in DCU…..times have changed!
    Who’s your supervisor? And have they got any machines with a decent graphics card yet ?? When my mates did a racing game for 4th year, Michael Ryan had to get them ones specially

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    good luck with writing your scritps for torque

    they totally wreck my head :evil:

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    Good luck with it, Gizmo! Keep us updated on it so we can see how you’re doing. :D

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    A two man team actually Damien…fun times. :D
    We got Michael Ryan as our supervisor, after you had mentioned your mates project awhile ago I picked up on it at the Microsoft presentation, figured out he was our best bet for getting approval on a game project and jumped on him as soon as the gates were opened for picking our supervisors…

    At the moment the best machines are those with GeForce2 MX’s but Torque will run comfortably on them plus the labs are being upgraded “soon” with better machines. The definition of “soon” remains to be seen however. :D

    Yep, we’ll have a site up and running soon-ish with the concept art, project outline and most importantly a “developers diary” which will trace our progress day to day.

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    Good job :)
    Those graphics cards are faar superior to what was there in my day :)

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    Well thanks for the encouragement guys, I’m under no illusions of this being an easy ride but its something we want to do and I’m confident we’re going to come out the other end with a damn good project.

    Yep, that lab is the exception however, all the other machines have integrated chipsets all the way. These new labs we’re being promised are going to be “very nice” we have been told…with a smile, so fingers crossed. :D

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    for writing scripts for torque your best to use tribal ide, here’s the link incase ya don’t already have it:


    it was developed for writing torque scripts and lets you debug them, etc…

    it’s used by most people in the garagegames community so if ya every have any problems with it your sure to find some help on there forums.

    best of luck with it

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    Best of luck Gizmo!

    I like the Wild West Theme

    Have a look if you can get your hands on Brisco County Jr – a short lived but ace TV show starring thee Bruce Campbell. Its set in the Wild West but with steam punk sort of future devices. Oh and it has Elivis in it. Might be good reference for you, depending on the slant you take.

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    hey Gizmo, fair play on the project. I did a first person shooter for my final year project last year, but I wrote my own engine. And although it is alot of work, it is extremely satisfying when youve got it done! (Especially when everyone else is talking about how cool your project is ;)
    Just one suggestion though, make sure you have the project scope clearly defined, and be sure to include what will NOT be in the project. Also, dont be over zealous with the goals of the project. Make sure they’re achievable.
    Also, good choice with the theme! Check out Lucas Arts Outlaws. Its an old game but a classic!
    All the best dude

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