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      Hi all! Newbie here :)

      I’m just wondering what chance I have at getting a 3D artist post here in Ireland. There are just so few companies here compared to other countries. I hope it’s not “golden circle” stuff. ;)

      I’ll lay my cards on the table….I’ve not got a formal education in the field or job experience but do have a passion for it that has had me studying it as a hobby up for as long as I can remember. I know most of the packages out there if that’s important…..and also have worked with a team on the net producing simple pda games in my spare time. For that, I designed/modeled/textured/ and am in the process of animating up to 30 characters.
      I’m quite willing to work my way up in any job. So, do I have any hope at all? Thanks.

      PS This is a great site! Keep it up.

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      Here’s one of the characters I’ve made.

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      Aphra K


      I would like to think it is not a golden circle and that people are very welcoming and helpful to new comers.

      Yes there are only a few game companies and yes they need to take on relatively experienced people initially in order to build credibility.

      At the moment those who are hoping to get into these companies are busy working in related fields and trying to form modding teams to gain experience while our start-ups set themselves up. Others are abroad gaining experience. Hopefully using this site and other networks people who want to work in the industry will hear about positions as they arise or will look to setting up companies themselves and learn from the experiences of others.

      I can’t evaluate the standard of your work myself, there are plenty of others who can, but if you have a strong portfolio and continue to work on it this just might be the place where you will hear about forthcoming jobs and/or projects.


      PS and come along to a shindig and meet some of us…this thread will inform you when the next one is..

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      Thanks for the reply Aphra. I guess I have a bit of hard work ahead bulking out my portfolio. It’s the usual vicious circle with experience in any job though. I’d do stuff for free if anyone is organising anything…..just to get more experience.
      And thanks for the invitation. I might just do that. :)

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      Check your PMs Ken

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