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    So, a break from the comercial side of the industry, who here thinks they would be a formidible gamer???
    I know myself that street fighter and soul Calibur my strong points(very very good at Street Fighter), and I know Noopitcal is handy at Halo(or so I hear). So come on if you think your good at something,boast about it. you never know maybe we can organize a few compo’s….later in the year

    high score gaming is also respectable..Ikaruga anyone?

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    Yes, I am Ireland’s best gamer :)

    I’m not so hot at Street Fighter anymore, I thought I was ok till I went to uni and met people who were quite frightening. I’ve never taken to 3D beat ’em ups except for PowerStone.

    I have a couple of ok-ish warioware scores and I recently got GameCube ware which is great multiplayer stuff.

    I actually don’t think I’m good at multiplayer games, I just got my Live! starter kit but I havent set it up for two reasons, firstly I can’t think of a decent gamertag and secondly I seem to be really rubbish at Project Gotham Racing 2 and Splinter Cell.

    Play a bit of Quake 3 but I really am crap at that :(

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    Sounds like a dilemma to me paddy boy!,make up your mind!!(joke), try something like rainbow six 3 for your X-Box Live shananagans, its Co-Op so it should eliminate the fact that you might actually be rubbish(joke), no seriously.

    Has anyone bought the recent re-release or Street Fighter 2 on the PS2??, it’s rock solid hard on the highest difficulty! a decent challange at last!

    I reckon a proper league should be started next college term.. anyone up for organizing it?

    Ikaruga high score 22.000.000
    highest chain 120
    highest rank A++

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    Originally posted by Omega’s Dust Has anyone bought the recent re-release or Street Fighter 2 on the PS2??[/quote:3afecd217f]

    I wouldn’t bother if I were you, the XBox Live! enabled one is out in October I think and comes with Street Fighter 3 (PAL PS2 one comes with Street Fighter 2 Anime).

    I don’t intend on getting Rainbow Six 3, its not really my thing, I have Live! for 4 reasons:

    Co-op Doom 3 – grrrrrreat!
    Winning Eleven – Super!
    Burnout 3 – fantastic!
    Halo 2 – HOLY CRAP?!

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    The Hitmand series, Im pretty good at, I got through most missions as a Silent Assasin.

    Metal Gear Solid, Finished in under 3 hours, cant remember how long, With only killing when I was forced (Prison Cell, Bridge etc) and never spotted except at intros and all that crap.

    Top ranking and damn proud.

    Dont like racing games, but Im pretty good at them. PGR. Ok at Halo. Finished Maxpayne 2 in about 4-6 hours first time.

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    Pretty Shite HOT at Half Life Team Fortress Classic!

    Play everyday on the Demon UK servers and i love it… Not the best in the World but maybe one of the best in Ireland!

    Anybody else playing TFC?


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    Sounds like we all have some sort of strong point!….pete I know the X-Box version is bundles with SF 3 but I already have it on the DreamCast and plus I won’t have live come september..back to college!

    I’ll kick all your asses at Soul Calibur two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Speaking of hardened gamers, did anyone manage to finish Ninja Gaiden yet?

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