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    Im a year 13 student form Northern Ireland and am lokoing for a game design company in northern Ireland prefferably Belfast that would take on a student for work experience. Any help would be big help as I can’t find any at all.

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    Aphra K

    can you give more details?

    work experience for how long?

    what area are you interested in – design, programming?

    what kind of skills do you think you have already?

    If you want to stay in Belfast I would advise you to look at graphic design and other media companies as well as there are not that many game companies in Northern Ireland, and most as far as I know are outside Belfast.


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    Maybe we should have some sort of sticky with the details people should be providing when they’re seeking work experience, it seems to have come up quite a bit recently.

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    Thing is, we always end up giving the exact same advice too…

    Maybe should put a FAQ section on the front page and make that the number on question. Others could be questions on books to recommend, info on uni courses, etc…

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    Aphra K

    Yes, was just talking about the frequency of certain questions with folks yest…

    FAQ not a bad idea at all..


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    I think sticky threads have been done for several things, but they aren’t usually seens when new people come on board looking for specific things, they tend to go straight to the forums. An FAQ section clearly labelled on the front pages should alleviate some of these regular posts going over the same topics.
    Another faq could be regarding dare entries

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    Sample FAQ
    Reckon this covers 90% of all questions from newbies to the site.

    Q: Can i get work experience in ireland when im in 2nd level school.
    A: Unlikely.

    Q: What language should i learn.
    A: C\C++.

    Q: What should i study in college to make games.
    A: Computer science for coding, Art degree for art related things.

    Q: What are the game companies in Ireland.
    A: See company section of this site.

    Q: What subjects should i do in the leaving to prep for a career in games.
    A: Maths\physics related subjects. Art if you want to be an artist.

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    Q: How do you become a designer?
    A: Wing it :)

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    Q: Will I be able to get a job in Ireland within the next 10 years?
    A: Ha ha not a chance

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    > Q: Will I be able to get a job in Ireland within the next 10 years?
    > A: Ha ha not a chance

    LOL! Hopefully not *absolutely* true, but things definitely aren’t looking good at the mo.


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    For work experience anything in the game designing industry would be grand and its for roughly 3 days early 2007.

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    Hey mal was just wonderin if you have any testers that would suffice as work experience.

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