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      Aphra K

      You might already know about this but just in case…it is free..


      The seminar will be showcasing the latest technology from Autodesk 3D S Max 9 with extensions and Maya 8.5.

      Tips and Tricks for visualisation, games developers and VFX will be done

      Senior 3D specialists will be on hand to showcase the in depth technology behind both new versions of the most widely used animation/VFX packages.

      Movies such as Apocalyto, Blood Diamond and Casino Royale embrace Maya technology meanwhile Superman Returns, Pursuit of Happiness and Pirates of the Caribbean rely on 3D S Max technology.

      Also at the seminar leading Irish post production companies will be hand to showcase work they have created in the high end commercial market using Autodesk 3D technology. There will be two seminars which will run at 12 noon and 3 pm

      The event is scheduled for May the 29th. The venue is the Morgan Hotel, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

      This event to free and open to all 3D enthusiasts.

      To register for the event please email 3D@eurotek.ie

      For more information on the event see http://www.eurotek.ie

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      *mutters dark things about the max biped model*

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      oh cool. I really need to get into Maya more so I should probably check that one out

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      *mutters dark things about the max biped model*[/quote:0d9e6bd99b]

      Why-z-at? Probs with animation? (my understanding is that 3D anim in Max is now based on Kaydara’s IK tech)

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      They are just starting to roll out Maya 8.5 at work. So far it seems like one of the greatest things ever created :)

      Me like!

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