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      How many people visiting this site will be attending the new Game Design HND course in Ballyfermot in September? This could be a good place to break some of the ice before we all meet. I’m a tutor, by the way — not a student.


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      Hows it going Shane?

      Im doing the course in september. Cant wait. Youll know us all b4 no time, there is about 10 of us who are doin the course who just finished ludo. What subject will you be teaching? Would gladly get the others together for a few drinks if ya want!
      Anyways, cant wait to work with the new games engine, will be a great experience.

      Talk to you soon,


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      Howz it goin Shane.Im another one of your soon to be students.
      My names Phil and as Paul said we’ll all gladly get together for a pint or….:D a few more!
      Anyway,cant wait for the new year to start.Im fed up workin 6 days a week!!!I am dying to get back to college for the new year.
      Get productive again!

      Ttu soon,

      ps:what are you going to be teaching?

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      Aphra K


      not one of your students but since this is becoming your personal thread (!) just to let you know I did read your research proposal and I have some ideas and comments. Have you signed up for it yet and would the comments still be useful?

      Let me know…


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      Far be it from me to hijack a public forum ; ). If Sergio and co. are reading, please get in on the conversation.

      Phil, I haven’t taken a recent look at the subject list (I’d really have to refresh my memory), but I’ll be teaching some 2D graphic modules — Photoshop and Flash skills etc. There’s also a Game Production module in which you’ll be consolidating everything you’ve learned in the other modules but possibly the most interesting one of my subjects will be the Storyboarding module.

      This won’t be comicbook-style storyboarding in the traditional film and animation sense, though there will be some of that too (to talk about narrative). It’ll be a chance for you to develop a visual language of your own for describing all those thorny abstract concepts we have trouble explaining in the games indusrty like interactivity, gameplay, timing and — God help us — fun. It’s largely to help team communication and aid the creation of design documents etc.

      There are also other skills-based modules like 3D modelling and programming. You’ll have a class in Game design theory as well which, legend has it, is being taught by Sergio, for those of you who know him from Ludo. I’m guessing that would be the most fun module to do.

      Aphra, I’d love to hear your comments on the proposal. Do you still have my email?


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