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      I don’t know if i’m behind the times and everybodies seen this already.
      if not, its cool.
      there a 40mb download, and a heftier 160mb download for full screen.


      batman in this, is…erm batman!
      i mean he kicks ass.
      especially compared to the last few batman films.
      this batman is much more believeable/gritty/realistic.

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      saw this yesterday… it’s probably the best Batman movie yet and it was done on zero budget!

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      it was done on practically 0 budget, relative to hollywood films.:)
      i downloaded the making of vid aswell,
      they had a 30k budget (which i think the director/creator funded himself).

      i can’t get over how cool batman was in this.
      i mean, no rubber armour with greek athlete abs, its was practically a wolly jumper that his granny knitted with a batman symbol on it that he wore under the cloak, and he still looked great.

      as they said in the making of,
      clark bartram is batman.

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      The production quality is fantastic, and the whole package wipes its arse with “Batman Forever” and uses “Batman and Robin” to scrape the remaining shit out from under its nails….

      If “Batman Begins” doesn’t save the franchise, we’ll always have Dead End.

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      batman and robin is the worst film i have ever seen.

      it is my benchmark of rubbish.
      i have never seen something thats worse than that film(a few came close, but none stole its position!)

      though i have high hopses for the next film.
      christian bale could be a great batman – did you watch equilibrium yet pete? he has that whole broody batman thing going on already!

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      This is SO old….. ;)

      Great short movie though, the joker is good in it. The guy who plays him is some fella who was in the show Family Ties back in the eighties…..

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      Anyone see Topgun last night?

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