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    Vigrin didn’t have BG&E when I was in earlier and Game didn’t even have it in an obvious place, was just hidden away amongst the other games.


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    I found it for 30 euro in xtra-vision. Ill be buying it tommorrow for sure! Game were selling it for 30 euro too a little while back, maybe a limited offer but maybe not.

    Is it meant to be any good? Ive heard little about it but it seems to be very popular.


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    Game were selling it for 30 euro too a little while back, maybe a limited offer but maybe not.[/quote:7d5c3c972c]

    Umm…maybe it was pre-sale. It only actually came out on friday.

    I haven’t played as much as I would have like yet, but yeah…liking it. I especially like the interface for entering codes :)


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    Aphra K

    was looking at games in HMV this weekend and they seem rather expensive there..I think Smyths and GAME stop are cheaper in Dublin?

    actually the cheapest place I’ve bought games was Blacks Toy Store in Portlaoise – just another reason to visit my home county!


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    Aphra K

    not GAME, GAME STOP – who recently took over GamesWorld, an independent Irish retailer. There was one on Liffey Street in Dublin.

    not sure what that will mean to prices in what was GamesWorld which used to offer some good deals..

    Indeed, maybe GAME and GAME STOP are the same company for all I know…

    I don’t think we have a VIRGIN in Dublin anymore – someone can correct me on that…


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    Phew…that makes more sense.
    Don’t think GameStop is the same as game.

    There is a Virgin on Henry Street!
    (altough its small and crappy compared to the Mega-Store on the Quays)


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    The megastore on the quays is gone now, isn’t it? Theres a Virgin in the Blanchardstown Centre aswell, just don’t ask me to point her out….;)

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    Yup, the one on the Quays is long gone, as I found out when I tried to go in there about 18 months ago and couldn’t find the door….because it wasn’t there anymore :(

    From the Virgin Store Locater :)

    22 / 23 Henry St
    14 – 18 Aston Quay
    Liffey Valley
    Tallaght (The Square)


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    So i got the game and im a fair bit into it.

    So far, I like it. It reminds me of Starfox Adventures for the gamecube, especially the fighting.

    It like the overall feel of the game, everything fits in nicely together. So far its seems a tad linear though. Havent hand much chance to explore yet but maybe il get the chance.

    The characters are great and have loads of personality, the pig called Pey’j is particullary well done.

    Overall i quite like it, would definitly recommend it, especially since its going for only 30euro.


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    You can see the difference between it and a Nintendo title (That it is try to emulate), in that you do feel like its linear.

    I have to admit though that something like Ocarina had 120 people working on it…so they could make more and give more choices so you didn’t feel as constrainted.

    I’d love to know more about BG&E from a dev point of view (Do a Gamasutra postmortem Michel \ call me !) as I thought this is meant to be a Ubisoft show off piece.

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    Really liking the game too.
    Yes, there is linearity, but hey, with such an intruiging story, I’m not really bothered about it.
    Was just on the UbiSoft site and watched their trailers and tv ads for the game…very good marketing i thought!
    So it all boils down to one point…working for UbiSoft, thats the new plan!


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    Le Ubi have just bought a new studio: http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=3503

    Hopefully this good spell for the company can turn them into a challenger to EA, and to a lesser degree Activision.

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    Nah, how could UbiSoft challenge EA….UbiSoft makes good games and everyone knows that good games don’t sell as well as the drivel that EA ships out.

    Its just ironic that EA started out self-publishing cos they hated dealing with big publishing houses who pulled all the strings…
    *shouldn’t rant…probably end up working for them…*

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