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      Aphra K

      More on the situation in Big Fish

      first – Vancouver office also closing –

      Irish office in a 30 day consultation?

      despite record revenues!

      ‘The company will instead focus more resources on its free-to-play casual and casino games and will invest in English, French, German and Japanese premium language games.’

      Hard for the 89 staff.


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      Really disappointing news for everyone involved. I hope sooner or later some of the bigger companies are attracted to set up here. We seem to be churning out games graduates and now their prospects and those of the previous Big Fish employees in this country are even slimmer.

      Would be nice if the government immediately pumped investment from their so-called games development initiative into the area to help spring-board a couple of start-ups.

      A reminder to those hit by it now could be a great time to try and set up your own indie studio, with a little help from the likes of the competitive start-up fund.

      And luck :roll:

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      What is really frustrating about this is that two of the flagship companies representing the games industry over have now closed and brought an image of instability and unsustainability to the industry in Ireland. PopCap and BigFish are being paraded as failures for Ireland even though both companies are still going strong and bringing in the profits.

      ….and yes. Several indies have come from PopCap closing so hopefully some of the BigFish folk will be up for taking a chance at going indie?

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