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      Hi folks,

      If you know Blender, and can get a game design ( and some screenshots ) put together for March 16th, this might be a fun competition to enter.


      If you enter by March 16th, you still have a full month to put polish on the game. I’ve put forward Euro500 for prizes, so it’s not a huge fund, but it’s definitely getting some cool games created for the GE.

      Here are a few links to some of the games so far.




      An interesting section to enter for ( especially if you are an artist ) is the No Python category – in Blender, you can create a complete game visually, without using programming. There is a reference in the link above to a tutorial that explains how to make a simple game..

      If you get a chance to enter, the best of luck! A number of people could even enter as a team ( Leprechaun Launching anyone? :) )


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      Wow they look great. Thump Stuff and DukDuk2 have some real artistic flair.

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