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      Hi all,

      If you have been following Blenders Open Game project ( Apricot / Yo Frankie ), a test demo has just been released.

      You can download the demo from the link below…

      If you can give comments on the demo ( eg did it work OK, was it smooth, hardware / OS specs etc ), that would be fantasic – the more feedback the developers get now ( it’s really the official end of the project deadline ), the more last minute bugs they can fix, and optimisations they can implement.

      Clair Fitch from the boards is the music / sound effect person for this project, so I can’t wait to play the final released version of the game in a few weeks time!

      For any gd.ie artists thinking of prototyping a game mechanic with a major focus on quickly seeing it within their own 3D environment, especially if they have access to limited coding resources, Blender is REALLY starting to become a very powerful application in this field.

      With the fairly recent GLSL shaded viewport, it is a very powerful WYSIWYG editor ( the built in games engine is of course the icing on the cake :) )


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