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      Hi Guys,

      I’m looking for someone who can give me a one on one tuition on some of the aspects of Blender’s modelling tool.

      The parts i’m interested in are the

      Rigging of models
      Game Engine

      I’m willing to travel and willing to pay for what i hope should only take a few hours (I’m looking for pretty specific info), I’m doing this as a project and with no one around with Blender experience, i’m finding it very difficult.

      Much appreciated!


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      I know its hard to beat someone sitting beside you providing instruction, but in the interim, I’d check out YouTube (and even google) for Blender video tutorials. Lots of these free computer based training video are appearing up there more and more…


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      Mal might be able to point you in the right direction on this, he’s a Blender man all the way!

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      Thanks for the replies guys, Much appreciated!!!

      I’m currently looking at the youtube tutorials and a couple of other sources but i guess i’m not as talented as i had hoped :oops:

      I was hoping to get someone one on one, just because I only really need to use certain aspects of the program but they are all buried behind alot of other things i’m relatively sure i don’t need.

      But thanks for the input :)

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      Hi RedXIV,

      I give a one week course every year in using Blender, up in Belfast in the Waterfront Hall ( normally in June / July time ).

      I also wrote this online tutorial ( it needs updated a bit for the latest version, but it’s enough to get you started )
      ( there is also a PDF that you can download )

      That should get you up and running with the basics of the GE, and using the Blender UI.


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      Hi mal,

      Thanks a million for your reply.

      I’ll def have a look over your stuff.

      Can i be cheeky enough to still request a one off day of tuition? Obviously it’s at your discretion and I’m more than willing to reimburse you for what ever time i take up.

      The reason i’m looking for more guidance is i’m using BVH data and it’s more the modeling side of things that is giving me trouble. I’m doing programming in college so the scripting side of things seems ok-ish.

      My main problems are stemming from rigging and animation.

      As i said, i have a very specific set of issues i’m looking for and i’m sure it wouldn’t take long to go over them. But it is of course, at your discretion

      Thanks :)

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      Hi RedXIV,

      If I wasn’t so busy at this time of the year, I’d definitely give you a hand – at the moment, we’re flat out finishing projects.

      > My main problems are stemming from rigging and animation.

      With regards rigging / skinning and animation help, the forum below is invaluable – the community is very good at giving help, esp if you post some screens showing that you’ve tried Blender and have looked for solutions.


      There are some new tools in Blender that should help with rigging initially, but ( as with any package ) it’s a matter of getting a good tutorial, getting it wrong a few times, then gradually getting it right a few times, and then hey presto – rigging guru :)

      If you’re working on a rig within Blender, feel free to post screenshots and show people your progress – the Creative Content forum doesn’t get posted to enough with examples of content imho.


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