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      Its name and shame (to a degree) time.

      I was curious to see what are your experiences with severe bugs in games.

      Last night I was still lost in Beyond Good and Evil on the GameCube and I was in the hovercraft. I swung around sharply and collected some ‘money credits’. At which point the game froze.

      I was shocked.

      I waited….nothing happened. I pressed RESET….nothing happened!

      My Cube is in perfect working order, so it was definately BG&E.
      Now, this is an extreme example of a bug, since it is fatal. Waht are your experiences of annoying bugs in console games?

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      I’m a PC gamer at heart, or at least computer gamers (including PC, Amiga, etc), so I’m pretty new to the console gaming.
      I haven’t experienced many glitches as far.
      I managed to jump through a wall once in Beyond Good and Evil (XBox) and couldn’t get back out, but couldn’t manage to replicate this bug.
      Other than that…I’ve had load problems on FMVs in SW:KOTOR, but it was a 2nd hand game, so may not have been the game’s fault.

      On the whole, thanks to there being no patching available, most games i’ve played have been nicely polished and its what is making me turn into a console gamer. Now if only I could connect a mouse to play FPSs…..


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      One of my favourite game when it comes to bugs (or glitches, I’m not sure what the difference is) is Sonic Adventure. They actually add new dimensions to it.
      It’s like this, the levels are accessed through adventure fields (hubs) and each of the 6 characters can only access their respective selection of levels from the hub, with the access to levels they arn’t meant to enter being blocked off some way or another. The problem is that due to glitchy collision detection, there are numerous instances of being able to get one character play levels that only some other specific characters are meant to play, there’s Knuckles in Twinkle Park, E-102 in Casinopolis… My favourite is the one where you get Tails to fly upwards between a pair of automaticdoors, then you land on top of the closed doors and you can then fly out of the map and get yourself around the barrier and into the place where you can load and play Emerald Coast (well first section at least). There is actually a Sonic Adventure Glitching guide out there that deals with all these multiple instances, definitly a good way to get new fun out of an old game.

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      I have three words for ye here:

      “Enter the Matrix”

      The game is one big bug!

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      Jamie Mc

      I’ve noticed a few through extended play of Pro Evolution Soccer, especially with the goalkeeper. He sometimes gets what I can only describe as a fit and is unable to pick up the ball. It’s annoying, and there are a few other small glitches here and there but they sometimes add to the whole fun of it.


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