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      Hi folks,

      I’ve just updated both the online ( Shockwave 3D ) version of NanoQuest, and the off-line version, after hearing of a few issues with some Vista graphics cards having "flashing effects" within the 3D game* ( boring programmer explanation at bottom. )

      I’d be mighty grateful if some of you good folk with Vista installed could test the game for me, to make sure nothing flashes at you, as it’s going to be re-distributed shortly now that it is up to v1.5.

      ( the previous NanoQuest v1 was distributed for free in CD packs to every school in Ireland, paid for by the government science department, as part of a "Serious Game" initiative to get more young students interested in Science )

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      Hey mal did you get any help with this?
      I’m on XP so am no use.

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      I’ve got Vista Mal, but it’ll be Sunday evening at the earliest before I can give it a lash

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      Hi David,

      No worries – feel free to download it anyhow if you are bored – unless of course you’re racking up a score on Donkey Kong!

      BTW, the current CVS of Blender ( not the about-to-be-released 2.45 ) has two cool new features that might be a lot of use for you – textures show in edit mode, and also the removal of UV / Face mode, which will be integrated directly with normal edit mode – both of these should speed up your work-flow quite a bit for your mobile games!

      Here’s an OS-X link, you might have to search about for a Windows / Linux build, or download and compile yourself from the latest main branch…

      This should be integrated into the 2.5 ( or possible 2.46 ) release, also including the various Summer Of Code projects ( one of which was a real-time GLSL preview mode ).

      Pete, many thanks!!! I’ve tested it in a few different Vista computers now, but an extra set of eyes is always much appreciated!

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      Cheers Mal those features do sound cool.
      Donkey Kong – never played the original but played it for top scores (first pint in the bar bet) on a mates computer but he download a utility to slow down the computer processor and then reaction times meant nothing. Now I trust no one!

      Was playing nano Pool last week – I would not give up until I got them all in. Nice physics.

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