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      My name is Ciaran Daly and I live up North, or over East, depending on where your situation places you!

      I have recently compiled my UCAS form for entry to university in the UK, since 1994 I have been gaming on every platform, from the SNES and Mega Drive to todays Wii, 360 and PS3.

      This passion for games, along with my hobbies of Art and Music have launched me on a trek for the games industry, an industry I knew since Christmas Day 1997 I was going into. A NINTENDO 64!!! AHHH!!!!, well that was that day…

      I am currently finishing my A levels;

      Business Studies

      I go to a Catholic Grammar School, a education factory with no problem of achieving any high grades I need… Yet this is the problem… When they asked what everyone wanted to do there was large groups of Law, Medicine, Science, Music, English and the traditional routes of high class education system…

      So you can imagine the help I gained from the PE teacher/Career guidance counselor… Nothing, Nada…

      My quest began at home, I had Magee or Queens, which no offense to them had no links with industry that i was aware of, nor the facilities to produce anything worthy of a graduate game portfolio…

      Now 16 months later I am sitting, decision time to get into the industry…. and I have two amazing choices!!!!!

      University of Teesside
      (Potential Scholarship, If Confirmed First Choice)

      Computer Games Art
      Computer Games Design
      Computer Animation

      Grades needed: CCC

      University of Abertay, Dundee
      Computer Arts
      Grades needded: CCC

      Any advice, experience or questions that could help end this nightmare would be massively appreciated!!!!!!

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      You might also consider Sussex and talk to Graham McAllister.

      NI is well aware of the ‘problems’ with games related courses in NI – but it’s a chicken and egg situation. They can’t put on proper courses until we have an industry here and they can’t get an industry without some good trained people – there are moves afoot to change this but it’s not going to happen overnight.

      For the record, from those two, I’d pick Abertay.

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      I only ever hear good things about Abertay, Dundee.

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      I’m currently doing the MSc. in Game Technology in Abertay and to be quite honest, my only regret is not being able to be here for longer. Both the Art and the Programming undergrads seem fantastic, the lecturers are great and show a genuine interest in not only the students course work but also their personal projects and all the students I’ve seen in the labs have an extremely positive work ethic. Definitely recommend the place anyway! :)

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