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      Dreams of convergence seemingly in tatters as retailers seek to offload PSX stock

      “Sony’s PSX combination console and home media device has reportedly seen its price cut by almost half at some Japanese retail outlets as sales of the system continue to disappoint despite a relaunch a few months ago.

      The basic model PSX, which features a 160Gb hard drive and is meant to retail for 74,000 Yen (556 Euro), has been cut to 39,800 Yen (299 Euro) by some outlets, according to reports today – while the 250Gb high-end model has been slashed from 95,000 Yen (714 Euro) to 52,900 Yen (397 Euro).

      The massive price cuts suggest that some retailers may be attempting to clear their stocks of the device, which was launched to a huge fanfare by Sony last Christmas but had to be relaunched with a fresh marketing campaign in early summer following massively disappointing sales.

      The PSX was originally touted by Sony as one of the keystone devices which would drive a turnaround in the company’s fortunes during the current financial year, with the company apparently hoping to inject new life into its consumer electronics division by leveraging the hugely successful PlayStation brand.

      However, the PSX has been dogged from the outset by problems – with several promised features failing to appear in the models which originally launched at Christmas, although they were restored by free firmware updates earlier this year. Although Sony claimed that launch sales of the device were good, the company has been largely silent on sales figures since then – but Japanese market analysts have repeatedly voiced their disappointment with the system.

      It was originally planned that the PSX would launch in the North American and European markets this year, but as yet no official launch plans have been announced for the system in either region.”

      Rob Fahey 19:04 09/06/2002


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      Neither a cash cow, nor a dog… a jack of all trades, master of none, which is just confusing the buying public and possibly even early adopters: nice one, Sony marketing!

      I may be generalising a tad too much, here, but it kind of seems logical to me that Joe Public would not re-purchase a PS2 and a TiVO-style box-in-one if he’s already got either of these devices under the TV… better to spend the money getting the one device he’s missing.

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      I don’t think it will get a Euro launch. The Ps2 is at a nice price and the other features are a bit redundant against sky’s Tivo thingy

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      I don’t think it will get a Euro launch. The Ps2 is at a nice price and the other features are a bit redundant against sky’s Tivo thingy[/quote:bbb9a39787] and the 3 diff. versions of the PS3 (with diff. price points, natch)will have all of this functionality covered anyway

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