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      Hey Folks!

      I definitely need to introduce myself here so here is my bio: My name is Scott Wilson! I am a trained 3D artist & game designer and have worked on several indie titles in the past and have began a startup company called Binary Pie Games http://www.binarypiegames.com. You can also find me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Pixel_Maniac

      I have ranked up a level as I am now a lecturer with Cenit College (formerly known as Clane College.) I am teaching my second full time Game Design course under the ‘Momentum scheme’ which trains people who have been on job seekers for a year or more.

      Here is a show reel I prepared containing some fantastic student work who came into the course with no previous experience. Feel free to check it out.


      So we are currently half way through this course however we are about to start offering night time "introductory level" courses in 2D Game Development and 3D Game art (Taught by myself). If anyone is interested in attending or just want some more information please don’t hesitate to PM me or email me at scott.wilson@cenitcollege.ie. We are based above the Tescos in Naas, Co.Kildare in a lovely new office space shared with Pitman Training.

      We also have a facebook group which would be fantastic if you had a gander at:https://www.facebook.com/GameDesignIreland

      Last thing I want to mention is that I am going to host my first ever Games Jam and I will let you know when that is very soon (Just sorting some bits and bobs out) and maybe get some advice from people here. Anyone is welcome to attend :)

      So really folks I just wanted to introduce myself as I am still relatively new here and let you know who I am :)

      Thank you very much for reading this essay… I mean… thread and hope to hear back from you :)


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      Aphra K


      Thanks for letting us know about these changes.

      What is behind the name change?

      We will have to rename your courses here on gd.ie and can add new ones if you send links to info@gamedevelopers.ie


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      Thank you :)

      Well the main office was in Clane but has moved to Maynooth. The offices that the game design courses run are in Naas though.

      We also have courses across the country like Limerick, Galway and Cork. The name change happened officially about a week ago so sorry for the confusion.

      I will send the updates to that email address.

      Thank you very much :)

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      Aphra K

      ah so you are only down the road (I am based in NUI Maynooth!)


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      Oh that is very cool! :)

      We are also throwing together our/my very first games jam! More than welcome to pop down!


      Many Thanks

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      Aphra K

      cool..in our calendar…


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      WOW I’m really impressed and surprised it’s in Naas. I’m originally from Naas and would have loved a course like this existing whilst I was there. Next Naas needs a games company so I can move home :)

      Is there much of an uptake in the area ? When I was around I knew very few people who desired to work in games/animation or a similar industry.

      Best of luck with the course Scott I hope it does well.

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      Hey there

      Many thanks for the kind words. There are a lot of people interested and I have some fantastic students! I am hoping/pushing for at least one startup company! – That would be great :)


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      Hey everyone

      Scott here again.

      We are going to be running a brand new full time course in Game Development. It is a FETAC level 6 award which has been designed by myself, Dave McCabe and Claire Fitch and is scheduled to run towards the end of September till June. Students will learn in depth the following subjects:

      -3D Modelling
      -2D Digital Graphics
      -Game Theory
      -Narrative Design
      -Sound Design
      -2D Game Development
      -3D Game Development

      Here is a recent video of our students work. I hope you find it’s very impressive :)


      Also here is the link to our website


      You can also email me with any questions you may have! scott.wilson@cenitcollege.ie

      Thanks very much for your time folks and have a great weekend!

      Scott Wilson

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