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      It seems that Cryptic Studios are turning the tabletop RPG, Champions, into an MMOPRG.

      Cryptic, of course, is the developer responsible for City of Heroes, which turned out to not only be the only halfway decent superhero game (outside of pen-and-paper RPGs and Capcom fighters) in recent memory, but also managed to deliver on their promises of insane costume customization. I remember seeing the early promotional stuff and believing they’d never pull it off, but they really did.

      Considering that they were going to be making Marvel Universe, this could be a good move for them. Marvel Universe seems to have stalled, possibly because they realized that they could either make everyone be spiderman and wolverine, or just have every Marvel character standing around giving out quests or missions.

      Since they are going to be making an MMO, a tabletop RPG with an already defined and clear rule set seems like a good place to start. Also, one of the best things about the character creation in Champions is that when you make your own character, you have to make their villain, the nemesis who fights them throughout the game.

      There are some more images and a video of the gameplay here:


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