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      Just read on Wired that S02 of the Clone Wars cartoons is going to be "darker" and feature a new dynamic, specifically bounters hunters.

      Firstly, I haven’t seen all of the star wars clone wars cartoons (and with a screen-name like mine, that’s probably a sin), but from what I’ve seen their just ok. I know they’re not targeted towards my demographic (25+), but at the same time, I found Toonami’s Clone Wars cartoons (Genndy Tartokovski’s renditions – the guy behind Samurai Jack) to be fantastic, so I was hoping for the same with the 3D versions.

      IMO, their a bit clunky, (animation-wise), and come across like thunderbirds and/or buzz lightyear from the first Toy Story, or the marines from the Warhammer trailer from ages back.

      Anyway, that’s why I’m posting in the "art part" of the forum to hear what the art gangs have to say about the clone wars?

      So. What say ye? Favourite location? character? weapon? ship? (or the opposite, e.g. most rubbish character, etc.)


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