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      Hi all,

      I’ve recently undertaken a college project using Torque.

      I have various different models exported from milkshapes into my game, and I have them all set up as StaticShapes, 2 of these models are instruments that need to be controlled by keyboard or joystick input, these 2 models need to be able to interact with the other StaticShape models.

      I know that StaticShapes have only limited interaction capbilities, but as far as I can see I need these instruments to be StaticShapes. My problem is that I can’t get these StaticShapes to realise when they have collided with another StaticShape, and therefore I can’t get them to interact.

      I have exported collision meshes on all of the models in question – so I can get the player shape to recognise a collision with them. Is it possible to collide 2 static shapes off each other?

      I’m quite new to Torque so I apologise if this is a stupid question but I jst can’t seem to figure it out!


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      Not too much knowledge about the collision stuff – but as far as I can see, both static shape and player extend their behaviour from shapebase, so should be pretty common. One thing – whenever I want to turn off collisions for a player, I place a return statement at the beginning of the buildConvex method (you’ll find it in player.cc). Maybe you need a similiar method in your staticShape implementation (a buildConvex method??) ???

Viewing 1 reply thread
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