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      hey all

      any demosceners hanging around these forums?
      i’ve been involved in the demoscene for a good few years but have never seen any other irish people around…

      If you haven’t heard of the demoscene, it’s a sort of underground subculture where people (working in so called “demogroups”) release “demos” (not game demos). Demos are realtime rendered and are often “artistic” in nature. Lots of ex-demosceners are now working in the games industry. Anyway it’s hard to explain it really but maybe this:


      explains it a bit better.

      or perhaps this:


      Some other good scene links are: http://www.pouet.net and

      anyway I think it’s a shame there are 3d artists and coders out there who don’t know about the demoscene…

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      i have heard of the demo scene, a german guy called Freeze is involved in it and the dreamcast scene.

      i remember some show called tUM*o3, it had a Dreamcast section of the competition.

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      yeah tUM is “The Ultimate Meeting” it’s one of many annual demoparties / democompetitions. Lots of demo-competitions have Console categories these days as well as PC and C=64, Amiga, Atari, ZX Spectrum and other antiquitated things :P

Viewing 2 reply threads
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