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      24th-26th July.

      Anyone going?

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      whats the craic man.

      aye me and sean have booked holidays off for that time. we might be going to the expo. if not just partyinn in brighton.

      hows doodle dawg coming along. i see that the phooka website is pointed to your site. Ill get a wee trip in to the tech anyway soon.

      chat later man take it easy

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      Aye, think there was a problem with the forwarding or somthing.
      Tim said he’d fixed it though.

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      If ye are heading over to Brighton, and haven’t been already – head to The Lanes or Kemptown, most of the best pubs are there.

      I used to drink in the St. James a lot – it’s pokey enough and now that the smoking ban is in place it might be a little quieter. It’s funnily enough on St James Street.

      There’s a deadly little pub further up from that called The Hand In Hand (Yellow & Red corner pub with "Kemptown Brewery" painted on it), it’s in Upper St. James Street. It’s a tiny spot but the landlord always reminded me of Al Murray. I think they still do pickled eggs too. (warning: I was a bit buckled the last time I was there, so it might not be so great…worth a look though, the landlord is good craic and the barmaid, if she’s still there, is pretty easy on the eyes too).

      The Fishbowl is also another interesting spot, and probably a lot more tolerable since the smoking ban came in.

      The Pitcher & Piano (IIRC) does a cheap cocktail night on Wednesday, well it used to during the college year, well worth the money and they don’t actually skimp on the spirits.

      I dunno much about the clubs as me and my housemates would get the last bus home and then drink more in the flat. There are a few down near the sea front, and one that’s 3 clubs in one – 80s section with a dance floor that lights up and a stripper pole – hardcore dance / rave section – at the back a hip-hop / r’n’b with some kick ass couches. It’s across from the Odeon cinema, but the name escapes me right now sorry.

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