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      Believe it or not, I have never played (or seen played) any of the Diablo series. Apparently, I’m missing out, so they have been put on the (never-ending) GAMES-TO-PLAY list.

      Anyway, the guys in the office have been complaining about the new Diablo III Art Style. I had a look, it seems ok, but no apparently, the "real fans" think it has been "CARE-BEARED" to death.

      To me, I couldn’t see a drastic difference, but I’m not an artist.

      Anyway, I’ve been keeping up to date with the release material, and found that it wasn’t just the guys in the office, but the entire diablo community wanted the head of the art director.

      And apparently it has been served up:

      Am i missing something? Is there that much of a hard-core Diablo community out there, that the studio / publishers will AXE people (on the spot) to placate them?

      How long before the guy who worked on the combat system or the level designer for Map 03, Room 02 is sacked because of some concerted negative feedback???


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      Apparently he is leaving to set up his own studio, and the art style of the game will not be affected.

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