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    Found a link to more info on the doom :twisted: movie thats finished filming recently.


    Still looks muck, but sounds a little better than previous news about the movie, no new screenies though.

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    Not looking as bad a I previously thought. Seems that it will feature Mars, and we do get all the original baddies like the imps, hell knights etc.
    And there is a 1st Person POV scene in the movie that seems….interesting.

    Still not holding out high hopes for this, but it could be fun.

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    “Doom” has actually finished shooting. Universal has kept this puppy a veritable secret. No promotion. No trailers. No teasers.

    Lol…probably because they know its going to be s***

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    Confirmed in the movie: MARS! IMPS! HELLKNIGHT! THE BARON! PINKY DEMONS! GORE![/quote:26641d9fed]
    Heh.. :D

    Why The Rock wanted to do the DOOM movie: “I realized I could shoot the BFG.”[/quote:26641d9fed]
    Isnt that the reason most of us would?

    Stan Winston created most of the monsters, with the creative team behind the movie deciding against overusing CG.[/quote:26641d9fed]
    Now THATS good news….there is always something far scarier about “real” effects than CGI…

    Still holding out some hope it won’t be a complete turkey..

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