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      I posted this over at dcemu, and i’m going to post it here too:

      So the big three’s conferences are now over, but who won? You decide.

      To help you decide here is a reminder of the big announcements :


      * Hands-free Project Natal
      * Peter Molyneux’s Milo
      * MGS heading to Xbox 360
      * Halo ODST date/Reach reveal
      * Alan Wake out in spring 2010
      * Crackdown 2, L4D 2 for 360
      * Twitter, Facebook, Sky for Xbox 360
      * Alan Wake, Forza 3 and Splinter Cell


      * New Wii Zelda
      * Super Mario Galaxy 2!
      * New SMB Wii hands-on
      * Team Ninja’s Metroid for Wii
      * Iwata shows Wii Vitality
      * Wii Fit Plus
      * Mario & Luigi RPG and RPG Golden Sun
      * Cop: The Recruit for DS


      * MGS: Rising for PC/PS3/360
      * God of War III in March
      * ModNation: LBP for karting
      * Sony motion controller shown
      * FFXIV Online for PS3/PC
      * R* North exclusive for PS3
      * PSP Go!
      * MGS and Res Evil for PSP

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      A note on the exclusivity of FFXIV, it may not be so after all.

      That being said, I reckon MS walked away with it this year. Natal really does look promising, they have a great line up of games and they showed them off in a way that didn’t make me want to vomit. The latter comment being aimed directly at Tretton’s sickeningly hyperbolic nonsense which he spouted every time he was on stage and Sony’s insistence on relying on a stream of useless trailers for much of their conference.

      In terms of actual games it was great to see more of Alan Wake and a new look Splinter Cell: Conviction which I was really impressed with. On the PS3 side Uncharted 2 is looking great as do ModNation, God Of War 3 and The Last Guardian. Between those games and the ones currently out, the PS3 has finally moved into the worthwhile purchase category for me anyway.

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