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      Does anyone on have a digital subscription to Edge? I’m considering getting one (and maybe for Retro Gamer too) and I’m also curious as to what it’s like not reading a physical magazine?

      I don’t have a tablet / eReader so it would be my laptop or my iPhone I’d be reading them on.

      I’d probably save 40 – 50 quid a year going digital and then obviously there’s space that a year’s worth of Edge would take up (past year’s take up quite a bit of space, even since they re-designed the magazine). The same goes for Retro Gamer.

      Although there is something quite satisfying about a physical copy to flick through…

      Update: Edge give you a free digital copy to download via Newsstand (Retro Gamer don’t however). My iPhone is definitely too small to comfortably read a large article on :(

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