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      How would you have arranged a radar array to protect London during the Blitz? How do you lower a drawbridge without crashing it, using only medieval technology? How can you build a pyramid out of massive stones using only sand, clay, and ropes?

      This sounds like a great educational game concept (of which there are very few). If it had less predefined setting options and more interactive experimentation and higher production values I think kids would actually want to play it, I know I would have had.


      http://spectrum.ieee.org/ just made my bookmark list, great site.

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      have you ever played "Bridge Builder?" Its real low budget in terms of graphics (at least way back in the original versions).

      A nice iPhone port shouldn’t be too difficult…

      Also, adding to the concept, what about building earthquake-proof skyscrapers in california (e.g. with sway)?

      Or feck-off-sized bridges (like the one in France) that is literally in the clouds for miles, along with high winds, etc?

      Building cathedrals is another one you could look at. saw a great show on the documentary channel (history’s worst jobs or something to that effect) and it showed how dangerous and insane cathedral building was in the 1500’s (or thereabouts).


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      Bridge Builder:

      Re: iphone
      "Tiki Towers" is similar to "world of goo" construction. While no doubt less educational, Like Bridge Builder your design gets stressed but rather than a train there are monkeys. Monkeys are always better :)

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