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      Hi All

      Need to evaluate 3D engines for an upcoming project and it’s been a while so I’m a bit behind the curve. Would be grateful if people could recommend current best picks. Here are the current criteria;

      -Commercial project so cost not a big issue but the cheaper the better
      -Good general performance on standard-issue windows home PCs (no souping-up required)
      -Good developer support
      -Rapid development
      -Good integartion with variety of 3D modelling tools etc.
      -Integrates with C++ and/or Visual Basic and/or any other langue/IDE you care to mention (undecided at this point but there will be a lot of general application (non 3d) stuff built on top/integrated into the 3D environment)

      For application, think something like second life without the grid back-end or heavy duty multi-user interactions. Client-side execution of 3D interface use to access web content etc. etc.

      Any recommendations?

      Thanks in advance


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      Ogre with Yake or GOOF

      Good Community Support, good community tools, but may not have the legs for a full fledged game or console port.

      Nebula Device 2

      Very High Learning Curve, fantastic engine, very powerful, loads of shipped titles. Buy the Maya Toolkit and you’re laughing.


      Pretty engine, runs badly on slower machines but has a nice feature list. It’s also a tad pricy

      Beyond Virtual

      Easy to use, fast to develop with, limited but growing feature list


      Another Growing engine

      Irrilict and Crystal Space I have looked at but have no true experience to comment, feedback on both have been good.

      With regards to your Network client, I’ll post more later, but I have some nice MMO clients and other Network tools

      Look into the engines above and see what you think.

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      Cheers. That’s a good start, I’m sure. Much appreciated.


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