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    It is excitement – tinged with more than a touch of sadness – that I must announce my departure from these shores, for the forseeable future.

    As of 12th December, I will be working full-time with Free Radical Design, creators of Timesplitters (1 & 2) and Second Sight, based in Nottingham. My role will be UI artist, with some 3d work, and perhaps overhauling the current website. FRD have really impressed me with their genuinely exciting ideas for their next gen titles (http://www.gamesindustry.biz/news.php?aid=13183), and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into it.

    I will continue to be a regular visitor to these boards. If anyone is in Nottingham / Derby, and needs a couch for the night, give me a shout.


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    If only once, it was great to meet you. Free Radical are a very popular studio, so well done on getting the job. I’m glad that you’re excited about it. Be sure to stick around and keep us updated!

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    Congrats matey, well deserved.

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    Good luck with the house-hunting. Its a pain in the ass.

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    Thankyou all. Omen, I sent you a PM (not sure if you got it). Basically seeing if you’re around for a pint sometime.


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    Rock and Roll Boadle, congrats on the position!

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    Congrats Man! Thats cool news, and Free Radical seem to be a cool company. Best of luck with it!

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    Good luck Lewis, knock em dead! or something like that :)
    Well derserved I say!

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    definitely well deserved Boadle .. well done

    i wish you all the best with the new job and the move :D

    keep us in touch with all you get up to :D

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    Omen, I sent you a PM (not sure if you got it). Basically seeing if you’re around for a pint sometime. [/quote:67bf4e2463]
    Hmm….didn’t get it.
    Dave, could you have a look ? :(

    Give me a shout when you get over and I’ll see where I’m at.

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    Best of luck Dude – you’ll blow their socks off!

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    Best of luck there mate.

    One of our producers used to work at free radical (producer of 2nd sight i think). only had good things to say about them..

    looking forward to playing ye’re next release.

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    Best of luck Boadle, fair play to you, they must have seen your skip on turbosquid!!!

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    Best of luck Boadle, fair play to you, they must have seen your skip on turbosquid!!![/quote:3515505ef2]

    Yeah that skip was probably the work that clinched the gig! :)

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    Well done on the job man. Hope this wont mean an end to some more Flash goodness, that Star Wars game of yours went down a treat in the Labs here! :D

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    Congrats man! well done, fantastic news can’t to see your new work

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    Excellent Lewis!

    I’m sure you’ll have great fun working over there, you can’t beat working with an experienced team of developers.


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    Well done lewis :)

    I’m sure I’ll be visiting Damo at some stage in t’new year, we should try and sort out a meet up

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    Kyotokid: look forward to that.

    Mal: completely agree!

    Gizmo: cheers man, don’t know if I’ll have a lot of time for new ones, but we’ll see.

    KeeganB / Pete: Thanks for the skip comments ;)

    Peter_B: That is good to hear.

    Everyone: Appreciate your comments one and all. As ever, I can be reached at boadle@boadle.com.

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    congrats, Lewis. Have fun!

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    Lewis you’ll have to change your signature now!

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    First report from Nottingham:

    Things going well so far. Nice town, fascinating projects and good people around me.

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