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      Not sure where exactly to post this so trying here. A friend is looking to develop a proof-of-concept UI prototype in flash to demonstrate some functionality of a product he’s proposing to build.

      He needs a person or small team that can pretty rapidly create this prototype. It is not meant to be functional, but should demonstrate the key points of his product design, and would be 3 or 4 minutes of a flash movie (or indeed an interactive prototype depending on deliverability). He estimates this is probably a 3 to 4 week job for 1 or 2 people, and he’s looking to do this asap. BTW – this is not a game.

      Does anyone know anyone with track record in flash who could do something professional quality for him? Or failing that, is there somewhere else I should post this?

      Thanks in advance for any help.


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      Hi Steve

      I’m a freelancer with flash experience, both animation and actionscripting. If your friend is interested have him email me on geaneys@tcd.ie and I can send him examples of my work.


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