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      Hi Folks,

      Well Played 1.0: Video Game, Value and Meaning.

      This book is now legally available FREE to you from Lulu and contains some interesting ideas.


      If you do get through (part/most/any of) it plz let me know sometime if something in it really strikes a chord with you – I’m writing/doing some stuff and I don’t want to bore the whole board with that so maybe DM me or connect via somewhere else below if yours might be a bit of a war & peace post /rant – some techies can become tetchy gits at the slightest suggestion of their having to read overly long sentences in the English language like this one, when a couple of simple symbols would have done the job – RTFM ? – Zero sum said the syntax Nazi.,:!"%&>

      http://www.clevercelt.com/twitter_land.html :lol:

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      Cheers for the link, another interesting summer experiment is going on here http://gamedesignconcepts.wordpress.com/

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      masterful reciprocation there Socks :lol:

      I’d favor a more independent, hacker angle, something like:


      Not sure about the swimsuits, but the time lapse stuff is cool.

      Some of the younger chaps on GD.ie may even possess the residual energy to fully particpate in the next one – August.

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