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    Hi guys,

    I’m looking to start up some 3D art classes on Saturdays based around 3dsmax, Mudbox, Mental Ray, Photoshop, workflow, modelling/texturing/lighting tips etc. and probably we a games art slant. Your full input on topics covered is encouraged so that you get a one to one tailored learning experience for at least part of the session (class size ideally 4 to 6 participants).

    If you’re a Dublin based artist (or within commuting distance) and interested in furthering your skills and plugging the gaps in your knowledge in an informal learning environment, contact me through the site here or on my blog http://petemcnally.wordpress.com/2012/08/21/learn-something/


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    This sounds really cool.

    Would love something like this for making 2d sprites and animations and scenes.

    Best of luck with it.

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    Thanks Jaza, do you mean rendering sprites from 3D models or just a similar course for 2D stuff? I think tailored, personal learning is very important and that’s what I’m hoping to achieve with this.

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    A similar course but for 2d.

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    Hello everyone, i suppose i should introduce myself… I’m Oisin, a long-time lurker here and overall massive nerd.

    I would definitely be interested if you decide to go ahead with this, although i’m rather crap with 3dsmax and Mudbox (I’ve done most of my work in blender..). Though I’d like to learn, i’m sure you’d prefer to avoid teaching the n00bz. More on photoshop/texturing would be something i’d find useful…

    Just reading your blog and the forums here it looks as if you’re going to get a lot of people looking to learn very different things. It might be easier just to say what you’re going to teach and see who turns up… It’s not going to be easy to please everyone.

    I really hope you get the interest to go ahead with this…


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    Hi Oisin,

    Thanks for your reply, if you want to post in the comments of my blog post I’d be happy to discuss this further with you, I already have a course outline that I can email to you but I’m keen to ensure that participants have input and that gaps in their knowledge are addressed. Obviously it won’t be all things to all people but you’d be surprised at the level of overlap already and I’ll be focusing in on that.

    Also it looks like demand is strong enough to run two classes, a beginner track and an advanced one. Give a shout if you want in and I’ll send you the details.


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    PM sent. :wink:

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    Great stuff Pete, if I was there I’d be signed up right now. I’d like to get decentwith 3DSmax. Good luck matey.

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    Thanks mate!

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    I sent you a message on your blog, I’d love to participate but since I work most weekends, time is a factor. Hopefully if you get the set up I can arrage work around it, but I would love for this to be a thing right now :)

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    Got your message, I’ll be in touch.


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    Two places left, contact me if you’re interested – we’re kicking off this Saturday 6th October!

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    Hi guys,

    I’m starting to put together another workshop, it will be a while before I have prepped it but if anyone is interested in a particular area of game art/3D art drop me a PM and I’ll what I can incorporate. If there is enough overlap I can do something more specific :D


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    I’ve actually just started looking into how to do 2D art, sprites and pixel art etc, so if anything like that is on the table, I’d be very interested.

    I am pretty new to the art side of things, I’ve spent far more time working on the technical side so I’d be looking for the "Dummies version" :D

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    Hi Pete can i get some info on your workshop would be real interested in attending if its open to anyone.

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    PM sent riche$

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    Hey Pete

    Just looking for some info, price ect. on what your covering. If you could Pm me great. Might ask you a few questions then on what I could be at until they kick off to fill in knowledge gaps etc.


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    PM Sent

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    Is this still open to apply for?

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    For anyone in Dublin on the 30th of May, Eurotek Ireland in conjunction with Autodesk will be hosting a FREE TO ALL, demonstration of the new Autodesk Media & Entertainment products, followed by a Q&A with the Autodesk Experts to answer any questions or trouble shoot any queries you may have. This informal event will be followed by a networking session providing a great opportunity to mingle with your peers.

    This free event will consist of a short Autodesk Update from 3D Solutions Engineer Jamie Gwilliam followed by a demonstration on Maya Creation Suite, given by Autodesk expert Graham Bell. A short break for teas and coffee followed by a demonstration on Smoke given by Autodesk expert Stuart Holloway. Each demonstration will be followed by a Q&A session to allow you to put forward any questions you may have.

    There will be an open bar for networking opportunities after the event. The event will be a great opportunity to network with peers and give feedback to Autodesk in an informal setting.

    Eurotek will be raffling a GoPro Hero 2 as a prize at the event. To be entered in the draw participants must Registration the event, so make sure to be there to be in with a chance to win.

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    PM sent Deadly by Design

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    Hello guys, I’m Guilherme from Brazil. I have some exp with 3d max, maya, XSI and Zbrush(a little). I’m quite good in Poly Model but i want to improve texture, light and Low-Poly/High-Poly modelling(zbrush and mudbox).
    I’m really interested on this group, how can we do it?? I’m quite lost here :s

    I have been living in Dublin since january and now i’m working for Activision as QA Game Tester.

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    Can I get some info pete?

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    Hi Richie, go ahead and drop me a line at gameartmentoring at gmail dot com

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    Hi all,

    Starting up again soon, this time as more intensive workshops (4 – 6 hours, possibly over a Saturday/Sunday or consecutive weekends). If you’re interested let me know at GameArtMentoring at gmail.com.


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    The first workshop will be on Normal Mapping using 3DSMax, Mudbox and Photoshop aswell as several other task specific apps/plugins. I’m ironing out venue details this week and pricing will fall out of that. So if you’re a graduate who is curious about this stuff or maybe you’re a modeller who wants to improve texturing skills or get into game art, give me a shout at gameartmentoring at gmail dot com or PM here on the site. Among other things, I’ll be showing you how to take

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    I’d like to go there but I can’t afford for while :\

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    Will be announcing this (finally) imminently

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    This is happening Saturday 7th December!! unfortunately it clashes with Game Craft but it’s the only date I could do before Christmas.


    Join us!

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    Aphra K

    I will put in the calendar…

    maybe folks could all meet up after?


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    Next gen? Targeting the PS5 already – nice! :D

    Joking aside, that course looks great Pete.

    Hope to see you soon!

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    @aphra Thanks for the plug Aphra! I’m all up for meeting up with the Game Craft folks afterwards, we should be wrapped up by 5pm that day.

    @ivan Thanks Ivan, hope to see you before Christmas!

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    Registration ends on Wednesday so jump on board if you’re interested!

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    I think we’re full, see you tomorrow!

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