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      I have an overview of a game script but i dont know who to go to or show it to ie how to show it to a company…

      Any help would be great

      (i dont know if this is the right forum)

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      What do you hope to get from showing to a company ??

      Unless its the best thing they’ve ever heard, they’re not going to be interested.

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      Aphra K

      yes depending on the concept you may be looking for a console/Pc company or a mobile company, you may be looking to sell the idea or get a prototype made, you may have some skills yourself or none..if you are talking to companies though you will want to investigate NDAs, non disclosure agreements..


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      best bet for a games idea is mobile games. cheap to make and better chance of getting it made. selatra are always looking for good game ideas so i heard once.

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      From what I’ve heard and read, your best bet would probably be to get a job in a company first before you start making any proposals. If you send a concept to a studio, for legal reasons, they probably won’t even read it.

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      You might want to have a read of this:


      But don’t let it put you off completely ;)

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      If you have a kick ass idea, it’ll still be a kick ass idea in a year or twos time.

      Most game development companies will NOT even listen to someone with a new idea.

      Here are a few reasons, of the top of my head.

      – If a company has, say 10 people ( this will be quite a small company ), each person in that company will have between 3 and 30 ideas themselves, let’s round that to 10 each. The small company will have 100 game ideas, and each one will be ( according to each person ) the next big thing.

      The company may only be able to work on 3 games a year ( or 1 game every 3 years ). This leaves them with 97 to 99 undeveloped ideas, waiting to be developed.

      Also, legally, if it’s your idea, who owns the rights ( IP ) to the game if it does make it into development? The Publisher? The company? You?

      If you go straight to a publisher, and they really really like it, then they will probably have their existing teams working flat out on an existing title. In this case, they would encourage you to develop it yourself, with your team. If you don’t have a team in place, then you get no development.

      Unfortunately, to put a team in place can be quite expensive / time consuming. If you do get a team in place, then having a working prototype, as well as a proven working team, can help swing their decision.

      If you do manage to find a publisher / company that takes external ideas, and is willing to invest, let me know… I’ve around 30 ideas for video games, that of course are all potentially the next big thing ( IMHO ), and I’d be keen to send them all over to them! :)

      The best advice I could give is… start small.

      – Make a prototype yourself. Or try to get a team of friends together to create a prototype ( cheap, could be fun ). Or get a team of (semi)professionals together to create a prototype ( expensive ).

      – Is it a 3D game? Get some skills in 3D modelling, and put together environments that visualise how you see different scenarios within the game ( download and use Blender, it’s a free 3D modelling app, and actually has a built in games engine… http://www.blender.org )

      – Can it run on a mobile? This was mentioned earlier… it is considered cheaper ( NOTE: this doesn’t mean cheap ) to develop for mobile.

      – Don’t be put off. One of the best game designers I know in the US generally has most of his ideas knocked back, due to one marketing reason or another ( and if you were to read his proposals, and the amount of detail he puts into them, you’d be amazed! )

      Good luck with how you move forward with it, it’s always great to hear of people with good game ideas, especially when they are moving towards the the stage of having something to show ( a technical demo )


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      ok guys thanks for the help…
      this is my first game idea that i thought that accualy has a background story etc the rest i thought where just cool concepts

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